Friday, 3 October 2014

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Chocolate. Just chocolate...

(End of post)

Only kidding! But honestly, chocolate is probably one of my all time favourite things.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Caffe Nero's chocolate fudge cake... IT'S AMAZING.

1. Spending Hours Catching Up With Friends In a Coffee Shop

During Autumn and Winter I can't think of anything better than cosying up with my favourite coffee (at the moment it is a soya latte, mmm) and having a good old catch up with friends. If I was wanting to go all out, I would treat myself with the best looking cake or muffin on offer and devour it slowly whilst raving about how good it tastes. As a student, buying coffee out isn't the cheapest thing to do in the world so when the opportunity does come along I enjoy it a lot!

(source unknown)

2. Discovering a New TV Show and Hibernating Until I Have Watched All of The Episodes

From Gossip Girl to The Vampire Diaries, I have spent days hidden away watching episode after episode (tragically sad I know). I must admit, this can be very dangerous around exam time! But I absolutely love snuggling up in bed with a cup of tea whilst watching god knows how many episodes of my favourite TV show. I have recently started re-watching Gossip Girl and I'm addicted again!Uh oh...

 3. Having Relaxing Drinks With Family on Holiday 

Freshers week is the complete opposite to the photo above. Crazy, sleepless nights, loud music, Tesco value vodka, horrid hangovers. Now that freshers is over, I really do miss relaxing evenings with a glass of bubbly at dinner or a pint of shandy in a cosy pub. I think it's a shame that there is such a large culture amongst young people now to drink excessive amounts of alcohol to have fun and honestly, I would be just as happy having a couple of glasses of wine and relaxing with family and friends. 

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  1. Still Gossip Girl? :) Well, sometimes those moments are the best!