Sunday, 22 March 2015

Goodbye Winter Coat, Hello Spring.

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Today I hung up and said goodbye to my cosy Topshop winter coat for the next 6 months and started the hunt for a new spring jacket. I fell in love with these coats as I was browsing online and turns out they are all neutral colours, very unlike me! I am definitely going to splash out on a trench coat at some point as they are such a classic wardrobe must. I have also found a new love of long waistcoats. Looks like I'm going to have to start saving!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Plot twist? Just roll with it

For all of you control freaks out there like me who hate things changing all of a sudden and not going to plan, here's a quote that might change your outlook. Plot twists in films and TV shows are there to make things more interesting, right? They take a story in a whole new direction that is unexpected and sometimes brilliant. Try and alter your perspective on life and instead of fixating your mind on one path, be open to the new and possibly way more exciting paths in your life. It may not seem like anything is going right and that life is against you for the time being, but keeping a positive and light hearted attitude might just save you from a spiral of negativity.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Healthy and Happy You

"On an airplane, you are always told to put on your own oxygen mask first. The same way in life, you need to take care of your health first. If you are not happy and healthy, you cannot make anyone else happy and healthy."  --Rajashree Choudhury

We have one life, one body and one mind to look after. I have been through some struggles, including binge eating when emotionally drained or stressed, low self esteem and my anxiety. Since the end of my first year at university I have educated myself on healthy eating and exercise, but more recently that has developed into a bigger interest of a healthy and happy mindset. And boy am I still learning!

Looking back I have come a long way. I always looked for quick fixes when trying to lose weight and I put so much pressure on myself about the silliest, smallest things. In the past few months something clicked. It's as if my mind just opened up to a whole new world and the words HEALTHY AND HAPPY stuck in my head. Screw the fad diets and feeling like crap because I ate 1300 calories in a day instead of 1200. It dawned on me how draining this mindset was.

Why waste your life worrying about those extra 100 calories and getting stressed over the fact I might not lose 3 pounds in a week. Look after yourself, be happy and make LIFESTYLE changes. Believe me, some days it can be hard, but in the long run you will be so thankful and happy you kept going.

Yes pizza and Ben and Jerry's makes me happy in the short term, but I have grown a greater appreciation for the happiness which comes from taking care of my health and fueling my body with foods that energise me. Waking up with a positive attitude and making the most of every day is so important. If I begin to feel down now, instead of reaching for chocolate, I will go on Pinterest to find motivational quotes which will instantly inspire me to snap out of any negative mindset. 

This is only a fraction of what I could say in this post. I hope that this has enlightened some people and this is definitely the first of many healthy and happy style posts to come. If you want to get regular updates on my healthy eating and exercise then please check out my instagram account @thechocoholicstudent .  I warn you I am slightly obsessed with porridge and bananas...

Friday, 6 March 2015

Motel Rocks Cigarette Trousers | Fashion Favourites

Cigarette trousers are my new love. I bought some in the Topshop sale a month ago and I want to wear them all the time! I would dress them up with heels to go for drinks or even dressed down with flats on those days I fancy feeling a bit more sophisticated. Definitely a stylish alternative to jeans!

Motel Rocks have a great selection of cigarette trousers, ranging from basic black to quirky floral patterns. I can't wait to expand my collection and I am going to have to stop myself from buying all of them!

Love, M.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sundays at Home

Being a student, Sundays aren't all that. They are often spent hungover and catching up on deadlines which have been put off during the week. I decided to take a trip home and today could not have been more perfect. No hangover and no piles of uni work, just a simple relaxing Sunday.

Here is a little list of the things I have appreciated at home today:

Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee
Nutella on toast
Sunday Brunch on TV
Reading cookbooks
Walks in the countryside
Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
Sunday roast dinner
Glass of wine
Being with family

Love, M.