Friday, 13 March 2015

Plot twist? Just roll with it

For all of you control freaks out there like me who hate things changing all of a sudden and not going to plan, here's a quote that might change your outlook. Plot twists in films and TV shows are there to make things more interesting, right? They take a story in a whole new direction that is unexpected and sometimes brilliant. Try and alter your perspective on life and instead of fixating your mind on one path, be open to the new and possibly way more exciting paths in your life. It may not seem like anything is going right and that life is against you for the time being, but keeping a positive and light hearted attitude might just save you from a spiral of negativity.


  1. That's exactly what is currently happening in my life. I quit my job and dedicate all the free time to the things that I really love. However, it's not that easy as I expected, especially when you got used to being paid every month without getting out of your comfort zone. But I believe it's going to be okay soon :)

  2. I absolutely love this xx