Monday, 27 July 2015


Some people simply hear the word morning and cannot function. For me, sunrise is a time to get inspired, eat a delicious breakfast and get s*** done. I never had trouble getting out of bed as a teenager. I would only occasionally moan about getting up early if I was struggling to sleep (need to get those 8 hours!). In my last flat, when it was too cold to shower until about midday, my mornings weren't so productive as I was more occupied trying to thaw out my body. Student living at it's finest. 

Now I'm moved into a new flat, things are looking up and so are my mornings. Since turning vegan and my energy levels have shot up, there is no need for coffee as my pick me up. Decaf please! Which is great news for me as caffeine does shake me up a bit. As an anxious person, knowing I have plans or appointments in the afternoon usually results in me constantly looking at the clock and puts me off making plans for the rest of the day. Weird, I know. On the other hand morning plans leave me in a productive mood for the rest of the day. Maybe 7:30am starts aren't so bad after all?

Morning Favourites:

  • Sunrise - generally this is more of a winter thing. Either that or I was wild enough to stay up all night
  • Breakfast - without doubt porridge and a banana
  • That first cup of tea
  • Writing lists - anyone else obsessed? I once started writing ideas for a menu of my dream cafe...
  • Exercising - I'm not talking as soon as I jump out of bed but I like to get it over and done with!
  • Scrolling through Instagram
  • Dancing to music (shockingly) whilst getting ready

Monday, 20 July 2015

Flat Sweet Flat | Homeware Haul

From a cave-like student flat to what feels like a gleaming palace, I am now settled into my new flat. The word settled meaning finally having internet. I had to spend a good few weeks waiting for it to be installed and oh boy, I did not realise how much I rely on it. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter was accessible through my phone but blogger was a big no. At least it gave me time to think about what I really want to do with my blog and upcoming posts.

A new flat means serious homeware shopping. Anyone else get more excited about homeware shopping than clothes shopping? I bought this very instagramable jar and straw from a country chic shop in Cornwall whilst visiting family. Perfect for juices, iced coffee or simply water. I find them much more satisfying to drink out of, guilty pleasure! 

Next have a beautiful range of bedding and in the end I decided on a grey, white and yellow colour scheme. Different from my usual pink and white but I really love it. Fresh and bright with cushions (also from Next) and a grey throw to make it feel cosy.

The fireplace in my room is my favourite part of the flat. It will probably get changed a billion times but I'm really happy with the way it looks at the moment. The plants are from IKEA along with the white lantern and pots. I love having snippets of inspiration lying around to brighten up my day so I bought the postcards from Paperchase. My favourite is "the world is your oyster". A great morning pick me up!

Little side note: I am starting a YouTube channel very soon all about healthy eating and my vegan lifestyle so look out for links and videos!