Thursday, 4 September 2014

Instantly Improve Your Lunch: Hovis Basil Pesto Infused Bread

(sorry about the frozen looking bread)
As a student, the same old same old cheese toasties (or if I'm feeling particularly adventurous cheese and baked bean toasties) can get very boring. When I popped into Tesco yesterday I spotted this Hovis basil pesto infused bread in the reduced section. This got me a wee bitty too excited and not because it was in the reduced section, because pesto and bread are some of my favourite foods ever. Whoever combined them should get a round of applause.There was no doubt I had to buy it... and for 50p I wasn't complaining!

Today I thought I would test out this marvellous creation in the form of a cheese toastie. The slices of bread aren't massive, but as I'm trying to lose weight 82 calories for each slice isn't too bad. Of course this would be brilliant as a simple sandwhich but I couldn't resist the idea of melted cheese, mmm! I also had some salad on the side and I must say it was a very tasty lunch! I highly recommend trying this out if you are a pesto and bread lover like me.

Love, M.

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  1. This sounds incredible! Pesto is one of my all time favourite things, I'm definitely going to be on the look out for this when I'm next at the supermarket! x