Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Perfect Pair of Boots | AW Fashion

How lovely are these? My grandma and I went for a coffee last month and she said she wanted to treat me to a pair of new boots (she knew I was in need of some). We wandered around shops such as Schuh (tongue twister? haha) but I couldn't see anything that I really loved. I took a gamble by going into Clarks as I haven't shopped in there in a LONG time. Straight away I saw loads of really nice shoes. I stared at these boots for a while. I'm used to going really basic with shoes (and I mean really), but I liked these a lot. I tried them on and my grandma loved them as much as I did so she happily treated me to them! What a wonderful woman. A month on and I can honestly say I wear them all the time! Cosy, practical but also very stylish! 

What is your perfect pair of winter boots?

Love, M.

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